The Hefalump Café is a coffee shop which serves as ‘Mondulkiri’s Responsible Tourism Hub’. It is a joint venture between four not-for-profit organisations working in the fields of conservation and sustainable community development in Mondulkiri –

– Elephant Livelihood Initiative Environment (ELIE)
– World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)
– Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)
– Nomad RSI

Our objective is to promote tourism that will benefit local communities and create a positive impact on the surrounding forest and wildlife in the province.

We have developed excursions in collaboration with local communities to give tourists the opportunity to experience the beauty of Mondulkiri – its wildlife, forest and indigenous culture. You will find details of all these ecotourism projects on this website and we would be very happy to see you at the Café, on the main road in Sen Monorom, Mondulkiri, to provide you with further information while you enjoy locally-produced coffee and cake in our lovely garden.